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More from our founder Harland…

Yes, Yoga has impacted my life greatly and I can promise you one thing, if you practice Yoga, it will impact yours as well. I'm going  to be honest with you, and I need to represent what real Yoga is all about. To me, it's whatever YOU want it to be about. Remember, this is a Space, and more important than anything, it's YOUR SPACE. I didn't open up a Yoga business; I opened up a Space for US. That angry insomniac still lives within me. I am still practicing with you. So when you go to a Yoga class, you get to choose what your desire for the practice of Yoga is. If you want to practice Yoga for flexibility, range of motion, movement, strengthening, body sculpting reasons, great--let me unroll a mat for you. If you're coming to class because you're one more stolen sandwich at work away from going berserk, here, let me get you a free oat bar and unroll a mat for you. If you just need a hiding place from the kids, significant other, government, let me unroll a mat for you. To me, Yoga is special and very Sacred, yes I'll make a few jokes, but Yoga is real. So if you're coming to Yoga to go on that spiritual journey, what better place to "be still and know that I am God," and yes, I will unroll TWO mats, one for you and one for the Soul.

I want to be honest, Yoga does not perfect; Yoga really does its best to help us get through life the best we can.  It's your gym, therapist, and church all in the same building. So again, whatever you decide to do with your class time is up to you. And this is another area I just want to touch on because I want to get you excited about Yoga. Class is going to be generally about an hour and fifteen minutes. THAT IS YOUR TIME. If you've taken class with me, you know how passionate I am about this. This is one hour and fifteen minutes that YOU ARE FREE. Now stay with me here, close your eyes, and take a breath, without that voice talking to you. That's freedom. Thats Mel Gibson playing William Wallace, getting quartered, screaming FREEDOM, kind of freedom. That was dark and I'm sorry--but honestly imagine a time where there's no worries, no fears, no doubts, no diseases, no bullies, no pain, no suffering, no anxiety, no bills, no marital troubles, no work, no kids, no shopping, no to do list. And I'm not talking about hiding from life; you do have to go back to "life" after class. Rather, I'm hoping with Yoga, we might be able to learn some tricks to help with our situations. But for that hour or so, none of that stuff exists. You certainly may plan and worry during class. Trust me, you will at times. You're gonna have plenty of space to do that. But hopefully you will choose different. Hopefully you will choose yourself. I tell people that all the time. If you're in class and thinking about work, do you really value work over yourself? Because again, it's your time and it's totally a choice to spend that time doing and thinking about whatever. But remember, this is for YOU, this is YOUR SPACE, how dare you bring work into this. Yoga is for YOU, something you're doing for yourself. I need you to get little selfish here. It's the one place on the entire planet it's okay to be selfish.  I know this may seem weird. You're doing Yoga For You, and it's about you. The family will reap the benefits, but you don't do it for them and you don't think about them while you do Yoga because that thinking is going to take you to planning, remembering, worrying, future, past, missing out on the moment that you have for yourself. 

I'm getting a little too deep here so let's reel it in and we can explore some other pages.

At the end of the day Yoga is awesome, but you have to experience it. Give it an honest try. Go a couple of times with no expectations. Go be free. 

Again I just want you to practice Yoga. There's a lot of great studios and teachers out there. We have some solid folk over here as well. I'm okay with wherever you decide to go. But please let me leave you with this in case our paths never cross:

THIS IS ABOUT LIFE. This is about our connection to what's happening in us, to us, around us. Stop and take it in. Life is flying by.  Sure Yoga can help with things like sore backs and sleep, but it made me LOVE BEING ALIVE.  I just want to be breathing. We know how unbelievably rough this Earth place can be sometimes. Yoga reminds us to appreciate the life we have. I feel so grateful to be alive. Not everyone gets to be whatever age you are as you read this. Do Yoga or don't, but please LIVE. PLEASE.  Yoga is more than downward dog; it's about the connection to what's going on. Use your senses to experience life. Stop trying to capture it--experience it. Do Yoga while watching the sunset. Do Yoga while having a conversation.  Do Yoga while eating. That's all I really care about when you come to Eternal Bliss Yoga Center. I want you to be happy. I want you to love being alive and just breathing. Don't wait for the vacation to feel free. Feel free in January and when then temperature is five degrees below zero. Don't wait for Friday to be happy when it's only Monday. We really have to connect to our lives as much as possible. Close your eyes and taste the food. Step outside and breathe it in.  

Alright I gotta go. Peace and Love. Check us out.