Who We Are

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Ana McNulty-Romaguera

Ana McNulty-Romaguera is the owner of Eternal Bliss Yoga Center. She is an E-RYT 500 YACEP with yoga alliance who has completed over 950 hours in teacher trainings.

Ana's first introduction to yoga was as an early teen and she began practicing regularly at 19, in 2012. At the time of her first introductions to yoga she was on a pretty self destruction path. When she began practicing regularly what she first approached first as a physical practice soon become much more than that, completely transforming her life.

She believes in using correct physical alignment to help facilitate deeper energetic and mental connection. She truly believes yoga has the power to change your life by allowing you to empower yourself and connect with yourself. Her classes are alignment based classes but she includes all 8 limbs of yoga into her teachings and her daily practice.

Ana completed her first 200hr teacher training at breathe yoga in 2014. While attending a workshop in Puerto Rico she found her main teacher Jani Jaatinen (Gokulacandra) in 2016. In 2017 Ana went to complete her 300hr teacher training in Malaysia with Jani Jaatinen, Janne Kontala, and Masley Yahya. She then completed a second 200hr teacher training with Francois Raoult at Open Sky in Iyengar based yoga. This past January, in 2019, Ana was able to go to Malaysia once again to study with her teachers and complete her third 200hr teacher training. She continues to attend advanced teacher trainings with Jani Jaatinen.

To see more about Ana visit her website at www.aparigrahayoga.com

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Emma Sacchetti

From Rochester, Emma, was first introduced to Yoga at a young age during a ballet class. Emma has a deep rooted dance background, which is the foundation of her skill and love for the art of movement. Emma, went on to Clearwater, Florida where she found her passion for Yoga by the inspiration of her teacher, Ally Ford. Through Ally, Emma studied Ashtanga Yoga, in which she found a connection and appreciation to the traditional background of the practice and philosophy of Ashtanga.

Emma's classes are made to make everyone feel at ease and comfortable, by giving adjustments and variations. She has also began her studies in Reiki, incorporating this healing method into her classes. Emma is focused on truth, compassion, mindfulness, creativity and intuition, emphasizing that our practice is internal, and there is no greater teacher then the one within. Emma is grateful and excited to have the opportunity to delve deeper into the wisdom of her personal development, while spreading her love of Yoga!

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Julie O’Hehir

Julie came to yoga to spend time with her daughter who practiced yoga to enhance her performance as a college athlete. Julie discovered her own love for yoga finding and trying out different studios while at home and traveling all over the US and world, including Athens, Greece and Dubai, UAE.
Julie is an RYT-200 hour with Yoga Alliance, having completed her 200 hour teacher training at Breathe Yoga in February of 2016. She completed a trauma sensitive yoga training with David Emerson in Toronto in February 2018 and a meditation immersion weekend with Davidji at Breathe in May 2019.
Yoga and meditation integrate with and inform the motivational interviewing skills Julie practices while serving as a Nurse Home Visitor with Nurse Family Partnership

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Beth Cholette

Beth is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and a licensed clinical psychologist (PhD). Her almost 25 years of experience as a practicing psychologist inform her yoga teaching. Beth reminds her psychotherapy clients that they are the experts in their own lives; similarly, she believes that her yoga students are the experts of their own bodies. Beth views yoga as a practice both on and off the mat.

In October 2015, Beth completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification with Aimée Senise Connors and became registered with Yoga Alliance. The following spring (2016), she added a certification in restorative yoga. In 2019, Beth obtained Yoga for All certification for teaching adaptive and accessible yoga. Beth is also a graduate of Yoga Ed.’s Professional Institutes 1 and 2 (teaching yoga to children K-12).

Beth’s classes combine foundational asana (physical postures) with breathing techniques (pranayama) and mindfulness. She uses themes to nurture the mind-body connection as well as to incorporate all eight limbs of classical yoga. Students can expect Beth’s classes to be slower-paced with a workshop-like feel at times, including liberal use of props. Beth is serious about yoga and yet playful in her teaching.

Visit Beth’s website,yogibethc.simplesite.com, for more information; you can also find Beth on both Facebook and Instagram as YogiBethC.

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Jen Warmingham

Jen completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Breathe in 2014 and has been teaching ever since. Her practice of yoga began in 2011, in Ithaca NY, and when she moved to Washington, DC, and then Rochester, she found yoga wherever she went. As an instructor, Jen especially enjoys teaching vinyasa and restorative yoga practices and encourages her students to tune in to their bodies and build the capacity for meditation and compassion for the self through a physical practice. When she’s not teaching yoga, Jen is pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology at University of Rochester. She does research on parent-child relationships, trauma, and is training as a therapist to work with children and families. She believes that yoga is a form of self-care loves seeing yogis with any level of experience level come to class and take the time out of their day for yoga or meditation.

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Nicole Gilbert

Nicole’s passion for movement, the vitality and exhilaration one feels from feeling fit and healthy, teamed with a fascination for the subtleties of yoga’s mind-body connection has led her to have a consistent yoga practice for the past 7 years.

Along with working towards a Breathe 500 hour Teacher Training Certificate, Nicole has a background in training and teaching, which includes over ten years of experience as a downhill alpine ski race coach, an online professor at RIT and she holds a MS degree in instructional design. Nicole teaches a strong flow with great emphasis on breath paying careful attention to the students’ individual needs. She gives adjustments, variations and modifications to help them deepen their practice physically, mentally and spiritually. Her goal is to have her students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. Her classes are both challenging and nurturing, structured to work in layers that slowly build in intensity, with enough repetition so you experience progress, but also variation so you continue to be challenged.

Nicole’s classes are accessible for any level of yogi. No matter how experienced you are, in this class you can expect to sweat your way through to savasana feeling strong, soothed and still.

“One my greatest hopes is that the students who attend my classes have a bit of fun, are able to build friendships, and have a sense of community, in and outside of the classroom.”

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Nina Cain

Nina has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She was first drawn to yoga to alleviate back pain but continued to deepen her practice as she discovered a path to personal growth and self compassion. Her classes incorporate meditation and mindfulness techniques with vinyasa flow linking breath to movement. Being familiar with highly stressful work environments, Nina understands the importance of spending time on oneself to recharge and renew. She teaches to all levels of experience helping practitioners find their own path to grow both emotionally and physically. Nina completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Balance in Webster NY in 2019.

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Meaghan McTammany

Rochester native Meaghan McTammany is a 200-hour Training Yoga Teacher, Flutist and Band Director. Meaghan received her Yoga Teacher Training from Aimee Senise Connors in May 2019. In addition to teaching at Eternal Bliss, Meaghan also teaches yoga at ROCovery Fitness Center. She also has a certificate in Effortless Mindfulness from the Open-Hearted Awareness Institute.

Meaghan came to yoga consistently at the beginning of 2016 when a friend brought her to yoga class. She thought it would be easy and a good way to get in physical shape. In little time, she realized it was so much more. While yoga was physically challenging, she learned how to clear away the mental clutter and to breathe to release tension and find clarity. Yoga to her is the link between the body, the mind and the breath. It is the practice in which we can be liberated from obstacles and to seek clarity within our own lives.

Meaghan makes focuses her yoga classes on alignment based poses synchronizing the body and breath. She has a passion for teaching basic grounding classes. Meaghan’s approach is non-judgmental, encouraging and compassionate to make all students of all levels feel comfortable.

In her free time Meaghan loves to play flute and is an active performer around the Rochester region. She also enjoys traveling, reading and learning more about yoga.