Class Descriptions


Restorative Yoga: This class is designed to give you a break from being in the role of having to support yourself and others. The poses done will use props to fully support you so you can allow yourself to relax your body and mind.

Chair and Restorative Yoga: This class is accessible for literally everyone. We’ll move through seated stretches, supported standing poses, and reclined restorative poses to help the body and mind heal through breath, gentle movement, and support. (Max 5 students)

Gentle Yoga:  Come savor in this sweet, gentle practice. This hatha yoga experience allows students to connect the mind body and spirit in a nurturing, relaxing way. Class flows through standing poses, seated stretches, and longer restorative poses. Benefits of a regular practice can include improved flexibility, range of motion, and energy flow. Come relax your mind and body!

Slow Yoga: Come move mindfully through slow stretches and movements to help increase awareness in your body. By moving slowly you create greater awareness to how optimally move your body. We'll move through gentle and well as the occasional challenging pose to help increase flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation in your body and mind.

Yoga Basics:  This slower-paced class is perfect for beginners, re-starters, or anyone who wants to create a strong groundwork for their practice.  Classes will include breathwork and meditation as well as yoga postures designed to build strength gradually, to promote mobility, to improve balance, and to enhance overall well-being.  There will be a strong emphasis on self-awareness and the mind-body connection. Philosophical and other themes will be explored through a combination of active and more gentle/restorative postures. 

Vinyasa Flow: Vinyasa Flow is a fast paced class but still accecible. It’s made to energize, restore, and refresh our mind and body. Each class will offer an opportunity to increase flexibility and strength, to reground, and to awaken your whole body. This class focuses on the mindful marriage of breath and movement, subtly reminding us to stay present and connected to our bodies as we practice. Come invigorate your creative spirit and get ready to stretch, ground, and flow.

Intermediate Flow: This longer class will move at a steady pace but with the opportunity to play with a few more challenging poses along the way. This class will also allow the opporunity to explore pranayama (breathing), dharana (concentration), and dhyana (meditation) techniques. Prior yoga experience is recommended to attend this class.