Weekly Class Schedule

New Schedule Starting Saturday September 21st


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Its all about coming together.

12-1pm Vinyasa Flow with Jen

5-6:15pm Yoga Basics with Julie

6:30-7:45pm Vinyasa Flow with Nina


9:30-10:45am Gentle Yoga with Ana

5:30-6:45pm Vinyasa Flow with Emma

7-8pm Restorative Yoga with Jen


12-1pm Yoga with Jen

5:30-6:45pm Slow Yoga with Ana

7-8:30pm Intermediate Flow with Ana


9:30-10:45am Slow Yoga with Ana

5:15-6:30pm Yoga Basics with Beth


6-7am Vinyasa Flow with Nicole

10:30-11:30am Chair and Restorative Yoga with Ana

12-1pm Vinyasa Flow with Ana

4:45-5:15pm Guided Meditation with Ana

5:30-6:45pm Gentle Yoga with Ana


8:30-9:30am Yoga Basics with Meaghan

10-11:15am Vinyasa Flow with Ana

11:30-12pm Guided Meditation with Ana


8:30-9:30am Vinyasa Flow with Nicole

10-11:15am Gentle Community Class (*Free/ Donation Based) with Eternal Bliss Teacher

11:30-12pm Guided Meditation (*Free/Donation Based) with Eternal Bliss Teacher

* All Donations go to Student Scholarships