Ebb and Flow: Free your mind, energize your body, and liberate your soul in this exhilarating, music-inspired practice. In each class, we'll use breath and asana as tools for exploring matters of the heart. Some nights will also feature live music into Savasana.


Intro to Yoga: New to yoga or just seeking to rediscover a personal practice? Intro to Yoga is designed to bring anyone, no matter their experience level, to be able to comfortably participate in the true practice of Yoga. Starting with basics will ensure that you're building your yoga practice on a safe and sturdy foundation.



Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga



Yin Yoga: Come savor in this sweet, gentle practice that is yin yoga. Unlike muscular, “Yang” styles of yoga, the restorative-like postures of yin allow tension in the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia) to dissolve. Being a slower paced practice, postures are typically held for two to five minutes, providing the body an opportunity to deeply release. Benefits of a regular yin practice include increased flexibility, range of motion, and energy flow within the body.

Yoga Basics: This slower-paced class is perfect for beginners, re-starters, or anyone who wants to build a strong foundation in their yoga practice.  Classes will include breath work and meditation as well as yoga postures designed to build strength gradually, to promote flexibility, to improve balance, and to enhance overall well-being.  A variety of both active and restorative yoga poses will be introduced.